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I enjoyed our session very much! You really brought a ton of information to light in the area of using cannabis to manage side effects of cancer treatments. Your notes are very thorough and gave me a great guide to use!

Annie G


Over thirty years ago, I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Today I find myself faced with something called "late effects"- fallout from the treatments I was given so long ago. These health issues have left me with chronic insomnia and anxiety. I grew frustrated with the traditional prescription sleep and anxiety medications as they made me feel awful and were addictive. I was looking for an alternative and didn't know what to do until I spoke with Shari. She took an incredible amount of time educating me about medical cannabis and helped with the process of getting certified for a medical card. She is very passionate about it and equally knowledgable. I am now taking medical cannabis in the form of a tincture and capsules and sleeping at night incredibly well- waking up and feeling great! I am indebted to Shari for improving my quality of life."



Faced with surgery at 60+ years, I was concerned about post-surgical pain. Rather than use traditional pain meds, I asked my surgeon about using cannabis for pain and she was supportive. But where to start? I recently learned about Shari and how she educates people about using cannabis. Shari took her time with me, she asked me about my history with cannabis, my overall health and my goals. She educated me about products for acute pain, longer-term relief and sleeping after surgery. She discussed smoked products, edibles, CBD, THC and combining the two. With a plan in place, I purchased and tried the products before my surgery to make sure I felt good and didn't have side effects. I did take prescription strength Ibuprofen for the first three days after my surgery in addition to cannabis and followed a schedule, just as I would with prescription medication. One day four, I discontinued the Ibuprofen because of stomach upset and just used cannabis.  I was able to sleep through the pain and I believe the quality of sleep helped in my recovery. As I write this, I am weeks out and just using gummies at bedtime to maintain my high-quality sleep. Using cannabis was the right path for me and Shari is knowledgeable, empathetic and approachable. I encourage others to look down this path.



 I am a senior citizen that had serious withdrawal problems from a medication I was taking for years. I was struggling with serious anxiety attacks which left me feeling alone and with no hope for recovery. I turned to CBD oil and gummies in search of some relief but was lost in the intent of how to use it properly but thanks to Shari who took the immense task of teaching me how to use and maximize the benefits of CBD. She was patient and caring in explaining and guiding me step by step. She gave me hope it was going to be better. I am forever grateful to Shari for being there for me when I needed her most. 

I. Kramer


My husband and I both have cancer. We reached out to Shari for some advice to deal with the side effects of treatment. She provided us with a ton of information and recommendations for both of us. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all the different options available.  We started with CBD oil that she suggested and it has definitely helped us. If you are looking for help with pain management or side effects from chemotherapy Shari can help you."

L. Shallo

New York

Since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and having migraines for more years than I can remember, I always thought that maybe an alternative to drugs could be an option for me. I was interested in learning about THC and CBD, but the information was so limited on the internet I became frustrated. I tried CBD oil and gummies but never sure about dosage or brand to purchase. It turned out to be a waste of money and time. Shari gave me the information I was in search of, we discussed dosage and brands that have been studied. I now believe I can move forward with the knowledge gained." 



I've had a chronic digestive illness for over twenty years and came to Shari for advice on managing pain, sleeplessness and anxiety. Shari has tremendous knowledge about CBD products including tinctures and topicals. She researches companies that grow hemp, studies methodologies and product details, and shares this information with her clients in an understandable way. I am really pleased with the results and will continue to learn with Shari from now on. P.S. I am sleeping better!"


Washington, DC

Shari made a real difference in my life. I feel so relaxed more than I have ever been. I wasn't sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night for as long as I can remember and  I had a lot of joint pain as well as knee pain. started with a CBD tincture and the difference in my body happened so fast. Shari helped me with dosing. She also recommended a topical, a tincture and an edible to get the most relief. I am now pain-free and sleeping 8 hours a night. I can't believe how this has changed my life.

S. Hall


It has been a week of fabulous sleep. Boy, life is better looking through a set of well-rested eyes. I honestly can't thank you enough. You may have saved my life!

John P


I contacted Shari to get more information on how CBD could help with my anxiety and sleep problems. Navigating the CBD world on my own was daunting, with hundreds of options and few quality resources to help with dosing, which products to try, and how to go about using them. Shari was such a help, explaining how CBD works, its safety profile, and recommending quality CBD products with solid lab ratings. Talking with Shari made me so much more comfortable with taking CBD, and once I got the products Shari helped me with dosing until I found a dosage that worked for me. The results have been amazing, and I am so thankful for Shari's help!"

Will M


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