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I wanted to share some products I really love and have personally tried. I would be happy to  coach you on how to best use these and will help you with dosage, delivery method and  frequency of use. 

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When I first started learning about plant medicine, I enrolled in Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer educational program. Dr. Sulak is an integrative medicine physician based in Maine and is regarded nationally as an expert on medical cannabis. He wanted to be able to deliver a high quality, safe product for his own patients. I love his product because not only is it physician-developed but each batch is tested, accurately and consistently formulated and labelled well. I love that the product comes with a step-by-step Usage  Guide and Response tracker. These are great tools to help you get the maximum benefit from your product.

Use discount code: Canna20 for 20% off


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HEMP/CBD FLOWER: I really like this company if you are looking for raw hemp flower. I recommend using a herbal vaporizer rather than smoking. Each strain has different effects. Vaporizing can be good for breakout symptoms as the effect is immediate.

GUMMIES! The gummies are wonderful. They sell out fast too! 25mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC and you are good to go for a relaxing sleep. These gummies are full spectrum which means they have many compounds from the plant working synergistically for the best medicinal effect. The extraction process provides a concentrated CBD, unlike most products on the market. You will notice the difference!

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I love this product line. The products are handcrafted and well-tested. I regularly use the salve. You typically get more relief from a higher potency product and I like the  600mg and 1200mg salves. I have also used the lip balm, bath salts and massage oil.  High-quality products and they smell good too! 

Use discount code SHARIBERMAN10 for 10% off. 


Lovewell Farms is a small family owned hemp farm and wellness company in Rhode Island. I have had the privilege of visiting the farm and working on patient education with the owners. I love the fact the hemp flower is grown at the farm and handcrafted in a way that uses responsible and sustainable practices (think craft beer!)

I especially love the product "The Balm" for sore muscles, arthritis type pain as well as the bath bombs. 

 Please note, I am part of an affiliate marketing program and receive nominal fees for products sold. The products listed are products I personally use and trust. When you purchase through these links there are no additional costs to you and you receive special discounts arranged just for my clients.  Your support helps me maintain my website.

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