I wanted to share some products I really love and have personally tried. I would be happy to  coach you on how to best use these and will help you with dosage, delivery method and  frequency of use. 

When I first started learning about plant medicine, I enrolled in Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer  educational program. Dr. Sulak is an integrative medicine physician based in Maine and  is regarded nationally as an expert on medical cannabis. He wanted to be able to  deliver a high quality, safe product for his own patients. I love his product because not  only is it physician developed but each batch is tested, accurately and consistently  formulated and labeled well. I love that the product comes with a step-by-step Usage  Guide and Response tracker. These are great tools to help you get the maximum  benefit from your product.  

After speaking at great length with the Director of Patient Education, I was impressed with the company's approach to wellness. They have developed high concentrate  tinctures, so you don’t have to have a mouth full of oil but rather individual drops which are easy to take sublingually. The product is also high in terpenes which may improve  therapeutic results. You immediately taste a citrus burst which is Limonene. Limonene is a compound which can be very uplifting.  

If you find you would rather take a capsule, the company offers a high dose CBD  capsule. Taking a product orally can affect the bioavailability (how much is absorbed)  and a high dose CBD capsule is easy and also ensures you get the highest amount of  CBD using this method. 

The company also offers CBD vape pens with added terpenes to give specific effects.  Vape pens are often helpful for breakout symptoms. The relief is immediate, but effects  do not last as long. We spoke at length about the material used for the vape pens with  the utmost safety in mind. 

Each product has a bar code so you can access all test results. 

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If you are looking for raw hemp flower, I really like this company. I recommend using a herbal vaporizer rather than smoking. Each strain gives different effects. Vaporizing can be good for breakout symptoms as the effect is immediate.

I also really like the CBD oil. I have used Relief which has a great flavor (chocolate mint)  and has a terpene profile that may help with inflammation and I often use after exercise.

I love this product line. The products are handcrafted and well-tested. I regularly use  the salve. You typically get more relief from a higher potency product and I like the  600mg and 1200mg salves. I have also used the lip balm, bath salts and massage oil.  High quality products and they smell good too!