SUPPORTING people using CANNABIS as a complimentary and alternative THERAPY


Cannabis, including CBD from hemp, may provide a positive effect on the human body and be used as alternative or adjunct therapy. It may help with pain, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, sleep as well as many other conditions. In addition to CBD and THC, cannabis contains hundreds of other compounds, each with different medical effects.


Finding the right strain, delivery method and dosage is confusing and will likely require a methodical and consistent approach over a period of time. Cannabis (including CBD) is unlike other medicines due to its range of effective dosage. Each individual requires a different dose. Often physicians poorly coordinate with their patients, and many people
experiment on their own. 

The internet is filled with misinformation. Seventy percent of CBD products are mislabeled.
Some do not even contain CBD! 

You should have the best information possible
before trying plant medicine if you have a medical
condition or use certain pharmaceuticals,
so you can avoid safety concerns.

I can guide you through the process and give you the tools to achieve success safely and with the best collaboration
 with your physician.


I am a patient leader whose mission is to advocate for patients in all areas of healthcare. As a two-time cancer patient, I have researched a variety of therapies, including cannabis, which helped me deal with nausea, pain, and anxiety.

I collaborate with cannabis nurses, doctors, scientists, and other professionals in the field to give my clients the
best possible information. I am a published author and national speaker on topics concerning improving the patient experience. 


I have been accepted as a Masters candidate for the fall of 2020, University of Maryland Masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics


  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute . Co-chair, Adult Patient Family Advisory Council

  • National Academy of Medicine 

  • The Beryl Institute. Co-Chair, Global Patient Family Advisory Council

  • The Patient Experience Policy Forum. Founder and Co-Chair


Whether you are brand new to cannabis
or have been experimenting for a while and are looking to maximize the benefits, I can help you reach your goals. We'll work together to decide on the best delivery methods, dosages and products.

I'll teach you how to tune into your body to get the most from your medicine.  If you require medical certification I will help you find a the right person to work with. 


Many people over the age of 50 are turning to cannabis, and CBD, in particular, because it offers a safer alternative to harmful medications  that often come with intense side effects. Without good guidance, many people find themselves confused as to how to try cannabis for their symptoms. I am here to educate and guide you.




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